Why choose IR touch screen?

There are three common types of touchscreens used by OEMs to design applications in advanced industrial environments, with infrared (IR) touchscreens among the best sellers.

Industrial displays are commonly resistive touch method, there are some customers because of the special working environment and touch needs, then the infrared touch screen may be better than the resistive touch screen can be applied to industrial displays.

What is an infrared touch screen?

Infrared touch screens use a dense matrix of infrared light in the X,Y direction to detect and locate the user’s touch. Infrared touch screen in front of the industrial display installed a circuit board frame, the circuit board in the screen on all sides of the infrared emitter tube and infrared receiver tube, one by one corresponds to the horizontal and vertical cross infrared matrix. Users touch the industrial display screen, the finger will block the horizontal and vertical two infrared rays passing through the location, and thus can determine the location of the touch point in the screen.

Why choose infrared touch screen?

1. a high degree of stability, so that the industrial display will not drift due to changes in time and environment.

2. a high degree of adaptability so that industrial displays are not subject to current, voltage and static interference, suitable for certain harsh environmental conditions.

3. high light transmission without intermediate media, high light transmission, up to 100%.

4. Long service life highly durable, not afraid of scratches, greatly enhancing the touch life of industrial displays

5. Use characteristics of good touch without strength, no special requirements for touching the body, no matter what to touch does not affect the normal use of industrial displays.


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