Three major application fields of infrared touch screen frame

infrared touch framein

Times are advancing and technology is developing. Infrared touch technology is closely related to our life.

1.Office Field

For example,when talking in a business meeting or working meeting,the infrared multi-touch screen can be made into a screen wall for real-time live video interaction.While improving office efficiency,the quality of meetings is guaranteed.

2.Service Field

Because the touch screen is light, compact and stable in operation.It has been widely used in various transaction service industries.For example,bank ATM cash machines, securities trading systems,touch screens for post and telecommunications services,etc.Not only improves the efficiency of the industry,but also reduces labor costs.

3. Life and Entertainment Field

In human entertainment life,the touch screen can order songs and dishes.It can also provide customer shopping guide services in large shopping malls.

The infrared touch frame meets people’s needs and also realizes the experience that people need,and is easy to operate and easy to use.It replaces the traditional mouse and writing pad.The infrared multi-touch screen with good reputation is bound to get more popularization and application in people’s life.



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