All-in-one Pocket Touchpad for Any Smart Devices

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【The ultimate answering machine for presentation】

Presenters can connect to Bluetooth instantly. Touch the panel to move the cursor. Click the touch panel to achieve mouse click effect, just like a mouse. Slide the side or top to smoothly turn pages up and down. Volume can be adjusted with the volume keys on the side to save time on the PC. Whether you are in a meeting, teaching or giving a presentation, this is always an efficient and excellent experience.
【5.0 wireless Bluetooth connection with long battery life】

7ms ultra-low latency, turn on Bluetooth for instant connection use. The next time you give a speech, this presentation transponder will automatically connect without plugging in any receiver, no need to bother looking for a receiver. Equipped with Type-C charging port, it can be used continuously for 40 hours and can be fully charged in just 1.5 hours.

You can place it in this case to better prevent drops, scrapes, bumps, spills and dust while conveniently taking it where you want.
【Free your hands】

You can put it on your desk and fully enjoy watching videos, reading, recording videos, viewing photos and working. It’s perfect for offices and kitchens, dining tables and bedside tables.
【Desktop Partner】

You can use it anywhere. This special protective case holds your phone and tablet firmly in place for easy use.

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