Pocket touchpad is officially launched!

Now, a new product from U-touch Technology, Pocket Touchpad, has been launched.

1. You can take it with you anywhere.

Whether it’s a meeting, a live broadcast, a selfie or even more. Pocket Touchpad is the perfect remote control for any screen. Thanks to customizable shortcuts, it takes screen control to a whole new level.

2. Free your hands and save time.

This single compact controller meets all your needs for work and play, simplifying your daily life in a convenient and fun way

3. Wireless control, wireless distance.

Control them all without being stuck within arm’s reach of your screens!

With just one touch, Pocket Touchpad can control all smart devices wirelessly, combining the functions of a wireless mouse, touchpad, laser presenter and shortcut generator. Its universal compatibility supports Mac, Windows, tablets, smartphones, smart TVs and even vehicle screens.

4.Life-affirming assistant.

The built-in laser pointer allows you to make your points clear while maintaining everyone’s attention and keeping the meeting lively!

Welcome to click on our product page to learn more about Pocket Touchpad!

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