After a company or school has purchased an electronic whiteboard, attention should be paid to the maintenance and upkeep of the board, specifically the following aspects should be considered:

1、Avoid sharp and pointed objects touching the board surface

Electronic whiteboards are generally made of high-quality wear-resistant materials, although under normal circumstances will not cause damage, but in order to extend the life of the meeting or teaching, in addition to the whip or writing tools, it is best not to let anything touch the whiteboard, especially sharp objects. Many sharp objects touching the whiteboard can cause damage to the board surface and affect the display in future projections.

2、The board surface is often cleaned

In order to ensure the clarity of the electronic whiteboard, the board should be cleaned regularly, preferably once a week. When cleaning the whiteboard, the interactive whiteboard should first exit the system when touching the screen while the computer is on, under pressure, can activate the program or mess up the icons. After exiting the system, it can be easier to show the stains and stripes, and easy to clean clean.


3、Use cleaning agent to clean if necessary

When cleaning the board surface of the whiteboard, you cannot use a dry cloth to wipe the screen, it will produce scratches and electrostatic charges, just use a clean soft cloth to scrub. The wet cloth for scrubbing must be wrung out, if there is water seeping into the bottom frame board will cause damage to the whiteboard. If there are stains on the board, you can use non-abrasive denatured alcohol, glass cleaner for a small wipe, and when you encounter dirt that is difficult to remove, you need to use a special whiteboard cleaner to spray onto the board and then wipe it with a paper towel to make it look new.

Some small electronic whiteboards cost a few hundred dollars, while some large electronic whiteboards cost thousands of dollars, so purchasers must choose a large brand of electronic whiteboards when buying, good quality, and in the after-sales guarantee, once the product problems, can be well resolved through after-sales.

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