How to distinguish the infrared screen or capacitive screen?

  For operational convenience, people use touch screens instead of mice or keyboards. Work, we must first touch the touch screen with a finger or other object, and then the system according to the finger touch icon or menu location to locate the selected information input.

  This issue can not be generalized, infrared touch screen technology is mature, especially for large size touch all-in-one machine, are the choice of infrared screen, and long life; compared with infrared screen, capacitive screen sensitivity and accuracy is better, but the price is slightly more expensive, and can not do too large size.

  1.Capacitive screen is the human body current induction to work.


  Advantages: high sensitivity, no need to press hard, good permeability

  Disadvantages: high cost; in a humid and high temperature environment will cause the capacitive screen drift, resulting in inaccuracy.

  2.Infrared screen is installed in the touch screen frame infrared transmitting and receiving sensing components, on the surface of the screen, the formation of infrared detection network, any touch objects can change the contacts on the infrared and achieve touch screen operation.

  Advantages: cheap, can be applied to large size, explosion-proof performance, can be any object touch, completely closed maintenance-free, adapt to harsh environments

  Disadvantages: stability is not good, may be affected by light

  Infrared screen and capacitive screen which is better? Overall, whether from the appearance, touch feel or accuracy, capacitive touch screen is better than infrared screen.

  Then the question arises: how to know whether the touch machine is infrared screen or capacitive screen? From the appearance can be judged, capacitive screen touch all-in-one machine the entire screen is flat, and we use smart phones (basically capacitive screen); and infrared screen all-in-one machine around the border.


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