General Interface Of The Touch Screen Interface And Similarities

In addition to the touch screen interface, other user interfaces including Web interface, software interfaces and game interfaces and mobile phone interfaces. Touch-screen interface and they have many similarities: the most basic, they are interactive systems, belongs to the software design category rather than physical design category. Secondly, whether the touch screen interface or the Web interface, and so on, they all belong to the graphical user interface design, that is, they have properties that are common to the graphical user interface, such as window, icon, menu, pointing device. Only in special cases, these elements will change accordingly. Once again, touch-screen interface and other interfaces designed in color psychology and graphic design both the content involved is almost the same.

Finally, the design concept of the touch-screen interface and other interfaces are consistent, that is, “people-oriented”, allows users to think after the first contact with this interface is clear, does not require as much training as you can easily get started, which makes it the first operation will be happy.

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