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Pocket touchpad is officially launched!

Now, a new product from U-touch Technology, Pocket Touchpad, has been launched. 1. You can take it with you anywhere. Whether it’s a meeting, a live broadcast, a selfie or even more. Pocket Touchpad is the perfect remote control for any screen.…

Why choose IR touch screen?

There are three common types of touchscreens used by OEMs to design applications in advanced industrial environments, with infrared (IR) touchscreens among the best sellers. Industrial displays are commonly resistive touch method, there are some customers because of the special…

Chinese New Year!

We’ll have a 11-day holiday on the coming Chinese New Year!! Jan. 18th-28th. But any queries,please feel free to leave your messages on the Contact Us page. We will contact you within 72 hours. Finally,I hope to bring this joy…

Happy New Year To You!

Happy New Year to all!In the new year,U-TOUCH will bring more intimate after-sales service and more professional technical products.Finally,I wish our global customers and friends of distributors in each country a better and better new year!    

National Holiday 7-day holiday

National Holiday Is Coming!

NATIONAL HOLIDAY IS COMING! Happy holiday!! We’ll have a 7-day holiday on the coming National Day. Oct. 1st~7th   But any queries, please feel free to leave your messages on the Contact Us page. Have a great week!!

A Brief Message From U-Touch

Hello Everyone! Welcome to U-Touch Technology, don’t forget to follow us so you can get the latest updates from us. Thanks for visiting and please stay tuned! As one of the most credible manufacturers and suppliers in China, U-Touch Technology…