What kind of product can we make with infrared touch screen overlay?

Infrared touch screen overlay
An infrared touch screen overlay can be used to make a touch screen display for a variety of products, including: 1. Kiosks: Interactive kiosks for shopping malls, airports, museums, and other public places. 2. Point-of-sale (POS) devices: Restaurant or retail POS devices that can be used to accept payments and process orders. 3. Interactive whiteboards: Interactive whiteboards for classrooms, boardrooms, and other collaboration spaces. 4. Gaming machines: Touch screen gaming machines for arcades, casinos, and other entertainment venues. 5. Digital signage: Interactive digital signage displays for advertising and information purposes. 6. Medical devices: Touch screen overlays for medical devices, such as patient monitoring systems and X-ray machines. 7. ATM machines: Touch screen overlays for ATM machines that can be used to withdraw cash or check balance. 8. Industrial controls: Touch screen overlays for industrial controls used in manufacturing, automation, and other industries. 9. Magic mirror photobooths : Touch screen overlays for photo booth can be used to take photos or pictures during parties, weddings and other events.

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How to maintain the electronic whiteboard?

After a company or school has purchased an electronic whiteboard, attention should be paid to the maintenance and upkeep of the board, specifically the following aspects should be considered: 1、Avoid sharp and pointed objects touching the board surface Electronic whiteboards…

Pocket touchpad is officially launched!

Now, a new product from U-touch Technology, Pocket Touchpad, has been launched. 1. You can take it with you anywhere. Whether it’s a meeting, a live broadcast, a selfie or even more. Pocket Touchpad is the perfect remote control for any screen.…