Why is there such a huge price difference between smart tv?

Many customers want to know why different manufacturers’ quotes vary so much for all-in-one touchscreen machines with the same setup.

Actually, the same setting here is the mistake. For example, the LCD screen used at the same time,but using different manufacturers of LCD screens, the price is definitely not the same, think of premium LCD brands and small LCD manufacturers is a completely different concept.

The price is always the most concerned about the consumer, why some all-in-one touch panels are cheap and some are expensive? Decide the price of the all-in-one touch panel in addition to the cost of research and development, and there is an invisible cost of after-sales service, life durability, environmental protection and energy saving and other factors.

Therefore, you can’t simply look at the size configuration to compare prices, in the same size configuration, using the original genuine infrared touch LCD and ordinary compared to the life failure rate difference of several times, these are indeed easy for consumers to ignore the price factor.

Over the years, ULitong has passed the quality management system certification, environmental management system certification, 3C certification, EU CE, ROHS certification, US FCC certification and other level certification, we can guarantee product quality with good after-sales service. 



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